As a curator, I’m always looking for exciting, provocative, fresh and distinctive artists with a clear point of view. Matthew Conway, who recently joined The Road Gallery as a guest artist, definitely fits the bill. Conway was born and raised in Texas and continues to reside in Austin. Having completed his BFA at the University of Texas at Austin, he has maintained his studio practice at the artist collective MASS Gallery. Additionally, he studied drawing in Florence, Italy.

scott_matthew conway
scott (2015), 30″ x 22″, color pencil on toned paper
adrian_matthew conway
adrian (2014), 30″ x 22″, color pencil on paper

In his new series of work, Paper Dolls, Conway lays himself bare, revealing as much about himself through his drawings as he does about the subjects that posed for him. Conway does not believe in an apolitical representation of the body; every artist that chooses to render the human form reveals their values and biases. By choosing to have his straight male friends pose for his drawings, he implicates his own libidinous propensities.

daniel_matthew conway
daniel (2015), 30″ x 22″, color pencil on toned paper

The feminist construct of the “male gaze” is redirected and queered as the heterosexual male form becomes eroticized and objectified. His work displays his desires, his humor, and his concept of beauty. Conway’s interest in gendered ephemora such as paper dolls, pin-ups, and coloring book illustrations are present in his technique and medium.

We have fifteen Paper Dolls in the gallery for you to enjoy. They are all available for purchase.

doug_matthew conway
doug (2014), 30″ x 22″, color pencil on toned paper