The growth of the online art market

While bricks and mortar galleries have been and will continue to be a mainstay of the art world, the online art market has grown significantly in recent years and is predicted to keep growing. According to a 2014 report by Robert Read, Head of Fine Art at Hiscox, the global online art market was worth $1.57 billion in 2013. Research shows that collectors and buyers are more and more comfortable buying art online. In fact, we are now seeing a generation of art collectors who are only buying art online, rather than from a physical gallery or auction. Galleries such as ours aim to make the experience of buying quality, contemporary art more accessible and less intimidating.

Another growing trend that is impacting the service industry and retail is a desire amongst people for the customized, the local and the unique. That’s why every painting in our gallery is 100% original and unique. When we represent the work of photographers, we produce very limited editions, typically not more than five in a series.

In order to provide you with the best experience with your purchase, we have incorporated the following features into the gallery:

– Biographies and artist statements for every artist so you can get to know more about them and their work.

– High resolution images of each artwork, complete with dimensions and medium.

– A Certificate of Authenticity provided at the time of purchase.

– Advice on finding the right piece and adding to your collection.

– Curation of options based on your requirements.

– Rapid-response customer service to answer your inquiries about particular pieces or artists.

– Studio visits and private showing so you can see the work in person, depending on your location.