Sharon Lindenfeld’s career continues to go from strength to strength and we were thrilled to learn that she was recently selected for a six month printmaking artist residency at the Newark Print Shop.  Founded in August 2012, the Newark Print Shop is a community fine art printmaking studio in downtown Newark, NJ.  Their goal is to support the fine art of printmaking by providing affordable and accessible workspace, educational programming through classes and workshops, and exhibition space dedicated to the fine art of prints. During the residency, Lindenfeld will have unlimited access to facilities at the shop to explore and engage with fine art printmaking processes in order to further expand her artistic practice.

This is what Lindenfeld had to say about her plans for the residency:

“Using the Newark Print Shop’s printmaking facilities, I intend to create a series of etching-lithograph hybrid prints depicting otherworldly places, mysterious creatures, and ambiguous emotions, further developing the content and processes within my work. I will start with a single etching, Reverie, 2011, taking details within that work as starting-off points for new prints. The final prints might differ in terms of mood, lighting, and exact location, but should feel like they exist in the same world. I am thinking of each image as a stop along a pilgrimage or journey as in Utagawa Hiroshige’s The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido, a series of woodcuts depicting Shinto pilgrims along the path from Edo to Kyoto.”

“I have three photolithographic plates and seven copper plates. During the residency, I will work and rework these plates through etching, scraping, burnishing, sanding, and drypoint, whittling away copper to reveal figures, objects, formations, space, and atmosphere.”

“Over the course of the six months, I will make a series of prints from layering these plates. The images will be surprising to me, and will be a combination of accident and intention. I hope that the final series of prints feels born of the same world and might all be displayed together. They should seem like moments from a larger whole, which all speak and relate to each other.”

Reverie (2011) by Sharon Lindenwold

In addition to the printmaking artist residency at the Newark Print Shop, Lindenfeld’s work is being featured in a group exhibition at Shoestring Press in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Opening on May 1st, 2015 and running until May 31st, be sure to check out Six Artists Etching.

Reverie Series 4
Reverie Series #4 (2012) by Sharon Lindenfeld

We currently have 14 of Lindenfeld’s pieces available for purchase in the gallery.