Read about the new pieces by Emily Zuch in her own words:

For two months I had the opportunity to paint in Chelva, a town in Spain about an hour and a half outside of Valencia. There I worked mainly on small paintings, choosing instances from the world around me that caught my eye. In my New York studio I create large, elaborate constructions from which I then paint and while for the sake of time and portability I didn’t work this way in Spain, I did make smaller scale paper cut-outs and objects that found their way into the scenes I chose to capture.

Working smaller and more quickly was a change for me; I was able to follow threads in my work that had long interested me but I had never taken the opportunity to fully explore. I have never been interested in landscape before, but in Chelva the patchwork colors of farmland and bizarre botanical forms were too intriguing to ignore. Dealing with such complex, open spaces is a challenge, even working on a small surface. Searching for ways to simplify all the information that is out there is overwhelming, especially when each detail and odd shape holds so much interest. I found that working in a new environment away from the routine and habits of home let me fail more easily, and in the process explore new territory in my work.