In preparation for the official start of summer on Sunday June 21st we are releasing three new paintings from contemporary, abstract artist Liz Barber. The featured image, Summer 8, could not be more fitting for the imminent solstice. A mixed-media piece measuring 30″ x 30″on panel, its predominant hues of greens, aquamarines, sandy yellows and whites are the very announcement of summer itself.

Equally fitting for the new season is Ocean Gift 2, a piece that is simultaneously delicate yet vibrant, a seemingly contradictory feat that only an artist of Barber’s quality can pull off.

watercolor abstract painting
Ocean Gift 2 (2015) | Liz Barber |24″ x 24″ | Mixed Media on Panel

The third painting takes us beyond summer and into the fall. Autumn Light needs little explanation. When you read the title and then see the image, it takes you there, to that very moment when the dappled October sunlight breaks through the trees and rests on your face, warming and comforting you.

modern art
Autumn Light (2015) | Liz Barber | 48″ x 48″ | Mixed Media on Canvas

All three pieces are available now for purchase.