August 1st, 2014 sees the launch of our new guest artist feature at the The Road Gallery.  On a rotating basis (roughly ever six to eight weeks), we will add a different guest artist to the gallery whose work will be available to view and purchase in exactly the same way as our other artists but for a limited period of time.

There could be no better choice for our first guest artist than Steven H. Williams. We first met Steven in 2009 during a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We were lucky enough to be in the region at the same time as the Abiquiu Studio Tour. Now in its 21st year, artists in this beautiful part of northern New Mexico open their studios to members of the public for three days.  I distinctly remember that gorgeous fall day in October five years ago. The skies were a vibrant blue, the leaves a glorious, majestic mix of red and gold.  We diligently followed our map, stopping at over 50 studios.  By the time we reached Steven’s studio, the last on our tour, we had grown somewhat frustrated at failing to find the perfect piece to add to our collection.  That frustration melted away when we laid eyes on Steven’s work. Within seconds, we both zoned in on the same piece (pictured here), which now has pride of place in our guest bedroom.

In this series of work we have selected for The Road Gallery, Steven investigates the concept of time as energy and movement. Ancient peoples drew timelines and attached icons of important events at intervals to make an understandable visual representation of the idea of linear time; important things had happened, were happening or would happen. Like them, he makes marks on panels in an effort to communicate another concept of time; that all dimensions of time (past, present and future) might occur simultaneously. If this is so, then he questions whether there is energy movement between dimensions? Do connecting portals exist that facilitate a means of perceived movement? Is there only energy of the present? Do we, as humans, search to find some sort of connection, in the present, to our own important life events?


Call for Guest Artist Submissions

If you would like to submit your work for consideration for a future guest artist slot, please follow the guidelines on our Submissions page.