Artist Kara Smith lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Art Education Program at Brooklyn College having received her BFA from the Art Institute in Boston. She teaches art classes at the Fort Greene Co-op School, as well as private classes.  Before pursing arts education, Smith worked as a dresser at the Metropolitan Opera, was a freelance art director and prop stylist, and an arts administrator at galleries in Boston, Los Angeles and New York.  Smith’s work has been exhibited throughout New York.

Her recent paintings capture the significance of moments ordinarily overlooked.  Drawing from dreams, memories, personal anecdotes, archetypal symbols and myths, she composes worlds, whether real or imagined, that evoke a faint sense of familiarity.  This feeling of ghostly memory fascinates Smith and highlights the influential nature of social memory and how it affects the way our cultures perceives its history.