Today I received this charming holiday card from our newest Road Gallery artist, Liz Barber.  The word “Joy” is very relevant as we celebrate Liz being the featured artist in the 7th anniversary issue of Art Voices and being selected for the front cover of their magazine. We could not be happier for you Liz.


Liz’s beautiful, nature inspired work will capture your heart and your imagination. Aesthetically stunning, her work is somehow bold and soothing at the same time. She masterfully manages the paradox of creating pieces that are abstract and contemporary yet reminiscent of something more familiar. A nod to a leaf, a petal or the vibrancy of the ocean draws you into her mesmerizing paintings.

More specially, her work speaks to the emotional attachment she has to the ocean. Growing up in coastal Massachusetts, the ocean was her playground. Within it she finds organic shapes, perfect in their form, that captivate her. Just as each element in nature is designed for a purpose resulting in beauty, she strives to conduct her materials to come together creating a replica of the perfect beauty she finds in God’s creation all around her. Her thought process is the result of endless experimenting. Layers of materials are built up to create depth and movement. Each layer is a catalyst to the next phase of the process. The painting begins with a wash of color. Color is applied with a brush or by pouring and dripping. Water is then added to the canvas, either thrown or poured in areas. The water allows the color to move, mix and interact in ways she cannot predict. She watches and responds intuitively, interrupting the movement or not. The results are sealed and final layers are added to edit the noise.

8. The Sea 3 20x20

Liz currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Equipped with a degree from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, she is a prolific, career artist whose paintings have been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows throughout the United States. Her work has been featured in a wide range of publications and, in addition to The Road Gallery, she is represented by galleries in Georgia, Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, Ohio and Florida.

Here is the full article from Art Voices and you can see more of Liz’s work in our gallery.