Every now and again we come across the work of an artist that makes us stop in our tracks and lose our breath.  This was the case when we first laid eyes on the sublime creations of our new guest artist Joseph O’Neal, whose journey into the world of art has its origins in punk rock and skateboarding. The likes of Ed Templeton, professional skateboarder and contemporary artist, first drew O’Neal to painting and helped him reconceive the notion of what it meant to be an artist.  From there, his connection with neo-expressionism, abstraction and primitivism through the work of artists such as Basquiat and Twombly inspired O’Neal’s career, which has evolved exponentially over the last eight years.

Claiming home as North Carolina, O’Neal currently works from his studio in Newark, New Jersey. He is an internationally collected artist and has been involved in numerous gallery shows, museum events, art festivals, group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Switzerland.

O’Neal creates a transcendental dialogue through a system driven by the archaic. Symbols, phonetics, and imagery come descendent from a past that, in the words of artist Robert Motherwell, “…could only have been conceived of in the present.” The work consists of two variables: the problem and the resolution. Both variables are present in the end result, like the shaking of hands at a peace treaty. The handshake dissolves his relevancy.

See his incredible work here