S.W. Dinge is back with an incredible new series of work. In his own words, find out more about the inspiration behind this collection:

“At the start of 2014, I decided to limit my color palette to contain predominantly only blue and black. I employed this change as a tool to possibly spark new avenues of creative thought, and maybe uncover something new. I figured, if you cut off one of your arms, you find a new way to tie your boots. These gouache and watercolor paintings were all done over a six month period as was ‘Everything that I Have Forgotten’ (A.K.A ‘The Big Black Dot’). Tens of thousands of ink and acrylic characters all converging on one point in space. The weight and density of fragmented information has risen to such levels that it has now begun to collapse in upon itself.”

“I have not placed any timeline on how long I will work with a simplified palette. I am drawn to the subtle varieties that blue has to offer, particularly when in contrast to a bottomless, steady black. The challenge for me is to find the harmonious balance between these two sometimes opposing forces and the silence of the raw, unprimed canvas: the black and blues.”

See five pieces from this series of work here. S.W. Dinge’s work is highly collectible so if you are interested in acquiring one of these pieces, contact us as soon as possible.