For centuries, creativity has been the subject of research, discussion and debate. The topic has exercised the minds of academics, philosophers, psychologists and, most recently, business leaders. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to label what is and isn’t creative and to determine whether the creative personality even exists. From the arts to the corporate world, from musicians to leaders, creativity continues to receive much attention. Read any article written about key competencies for companies and leaders and you’ll see creativity has become a must-have capability for organizations wanting to survive and get ahead of the competition. Ironically, we’ve undoubtedly squashed creativity by evaluating it and judging it. The truth is creativity and creative expression comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Dutch Masters (2015) | 12″ x 12″ | Mixed Media on Fiberboard

Today, we turn our attention to the creative mind of Julius Kalamarz, who we warmly welcome to The Road Gallery as our newest artist. With a MFA in Fiction from Columbia University, Julius’s work transcends barriers, boxes and labels. Whether he has a pen or brush in his hand, his creativity abounds. His writing and artwork have appeared online and in print in the US, England, and Canada. His paintings have been exhibited at galleries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and London, England.

The Original Blah Blah (2015) | 24″ x 24″ | Mixed Media on Fiberboard

His work explores ways in which to place the viewer at odds with their usual codes of perception. In this way, we can reveal (and revel in) the subtle absurdities and approximations inherent within language (both visual and textual). Prevalent themes, such as love, revolution, correspondence, and politics, are de-contextualized and destabilized to allow new interpretations and perspectives to spring forth from within the fractures and fissures of the original image.

Demo Tape (2015) 12″ x 12″ | Mixed Media on Fiberboard