We all have our journey; the road we take that leads us to the place we find ourselves in today. Our story is ours alone. Artist Peter Manion’s journey took him away from the art world for eight years but we are all glad for his return to painting in 2012. Since then, he has been making and showing his work continuously. This week, Manion joined The Road Gallery, sharing 10 of his pieces with us.

Pink Eye
Pink Eye (2015) 35″ x 23″ | Oil, collage on paper

Focused on the idea and the process of making a work of art, Manion’s work has been constantly evolving ever since he picked back up his paintbrushes, challenging both himself and his audience. Using an assortment of tools, techniques, and media, his paintings contain subtle, abstract details and images built around a central form that frequently demands of the viewer to ask, “How is that done?”

Astronaut (2013) 36″ x 36″ | Oil on linen

Manion’s daily life is his art. It is the mundane, the extraordinary and the broken-down moments that lie in between. Nothing is more significant than anything else and everything has its purpose. He experiments with materials and their applications. The risk and its reward keep him excited and therefore motivated.

Golden Shower (2015) 50.5″ x 39.5″ | Ink, spray paint on plaster

See the full collection of Manion’s work in the gallery.

Helper (2014) 35″ x 23″ | Oil on paper