A place for busy people with demanding jobs and full lives to take time out to create, reflect on their journey and reconnect with their dreams.

The brief story behind the blog

For almost 20 years I’ve practiced my trade as a business psychologist, working for the military, the police and, most recently, with global corporations, mainly the large, complex behemoths. That was until July 2014 when I left consulting to focus on the gallery. I thought I was done with psychology but I’ve realized in the intervening months that I was done with the way I was working. I was done with a life of too little respite and too much repetition.  As I wade through my existential identity crisis, I’m realizing it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  This blog is away of bringing together those two worlds, combining the field of psychology with creative endeavor.  Whichever worlds you exist in, I hope you find joy and meaning in crossing the divides.

Why 48 Minutes?

According to The Partnership for New York City, New Yorkers spend, on average, 48 minutes commuting to work. Assuming they return home in the evening, that’s a total of 96 minutes in transit each day. While this is higher than the average, it’s a familiar story the world over. We continually have to make decisions and sacrifices to earn a living, advance our careers, achieve our aspirations or, for many, out of sheer necessity.

The commute, which has become a fixture of 21st century living, may be unavoidable but what if you could carve out the time, those 48 minutes, to do something more meaningful, more uplifting, more rewarding? What if you took 48 minutes, once a week, once a month or even once a year to nourish your soul, improve your well-being and unlock your imagination? And what if that helped you reflect on the path you have taken, the road you are walking and the journey of your life? And what if that helped you rethink your goals, reconnect with your dreams or see new possibilities?

For those of us who aren’t career artists, poets, writers, dancers or musicians we need to intentionally carve out the time and space to create.  Busy people with demanding jobs and full lives need downtime, which has become a lost art.  We need to give our brains, which are perpetually bombarded and overloaded with information, a rest.

So here are your 48 minutes. Take them, without excuse or guilt.

Step 1: Unplug, rest, daydream, walk, meditate, veg out, wander, imagine, diverge, relax, breathe.

Step 2: Draw, paint, scribble, doodle, write, compose, play, dress up, dance or do something meaningful.

Step 3: Contact us to share your submission. Send us some photos or a video from your 48 Minutes and write a few words describing the journey you’re on, what you did with your time, the meaning behind it and how it benefitted you.

We’ll treat your work with the utmost respect and we’ll feature select works in the blog.

Neil Jacobs, Road Gallery owner and curator