In her new series of work, The Chase, mixed-media artist Taylor Thomas has produced a collection of abstract paintings that function as if they were words in a [run-on] sentence. For each piece in the series, Thomas shares some insights into the inspiration behind the painting through her poetry, while giving viewers the emotional and cognitive space to apply their own interpretations. The concept of enabling a dialogue between artwork and viewers is a fundamental philosophy of Thomas’s. Rather than imposing her own definitions, Thomas wants a conversation to ensue when people see her work.

Today we feature the exquisite Truth and Dare, a beautifully balanced painting which powerfully and dynamically juxtaposes the exposure of negative space with bold flashes of searing color.

Truth and Dare by Taylor Thomas

Bend me over,
form my arms
to reach around the irony:

I’d rather get than give
to stars,
and hear what dreams they’re dreaming.

For though I give
my wish and wants, though I
ask and keep repeating,

I bet they house
a truth I’ve yet
to dare, to risk believing.

Truth and Dare (2014), Mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 30″