Today marks the official release of a new painting by Nashville based, mixed media artist Taylor Thomas.  A Parent Piece (pictured above) stands as an official beginning to a new series of paintings, The Chase. Below, Thomas describes the concept behind the new series and shares a poem she wrote in response to A Parent Piece, which gives us added insights into the intentions behind the painting.

“While every piece inevitably takes on a unique, visual and conceptual focus, I envision these works to function as if they were words in a [run-on] sentence. Image-by-image, they will string together a story of pursuit and attempt and reaching. Just as A Parent Piece responds to a painting that came before it (Tower Over, Tuck Me In), the next work will pick up where this one leaves off, whether in the emotive force of a shared stroke of orange, or a concept strewn through an unending line. To where will the chase continue? To whom will the story speak? And will the sentence end with another beginning, if it should choose to end at all?”


A Parent Piece by Taylor Thomas

I love to exercise a childlike mind: asking,
requesting, wanting–to specify
my imagination’s musings.

At the tipping point–slipped
between the seeking, and the receiving
–are answers that rattle
expectation. I try to remember

My parent here: my pursuing,
giving, responding piece
–with arms like gutter-guards
and eyes that turn me

into my best, and not
onto my specifications.