My 48 Minutes by NLP Coach Pip Thomas, United Kingdom

I am a firm believer that you can bring your goals to life in 48 minutes. OK, maybe not entirely within that time, but you can certainly lay down the foundations for setting yourself on the path to reach your life goals.

The trick is to spend a little time planning your journey by mapping out each little step along the way. As a NLP coach, I have seen the huge progress that people can make just by taking a step back and using some time to prepare themselves for the journey ahead. In fact, I used this process to get myself on track for starting and developing my own NLP training business when I was made redundant from a previous job.

Thinking about a goal you want to achieve, such as setting yourself up in business or acquiring a new skill, can be overwhelming and seem insurmountable. You may have a dream job in your mind, but you have no clue how to do it, what’s really involved on a day-to-day basis, or have any relevant qualifications. Just thinking about how you would go about achieving this is enough to blow anyone’s mind, and can make achieving a goal a scary prospect. This is where a written plan is hugely beneficial.

This is how I created a plan in 48 minutes.

– I used pen and paper. It seems a simple method but it really does work. Not only did it help me remember my plan, it also freed up my mind to concentrate on other important tasks.

– I wrote down my goal in simple terms. I wanted to have my own NLP training business. Keep it as straight-talking as possible.

– I broke the plan down into small, achievable steps. ‘Have my own NLP training business’ is too vague and ambitious on its own, but a ‘to-do’ task which first involved making an appointment to see a small business advisor was not only achievable but also a lot less intimidating.

– I re-read my goals every step on my path. This kept me familiar with them and fresh in my mind. I re-wrote them when things changed but the goal remained, so don’t be afraid to re-write each step along the way. Never lose sight of the end goal.

– I took some time to close my eyes and visualised myself doing each step – talking to a business advisor, finding training rooms, speaking to potential clients, and doing the actual training. Things always seemed a lot less scary once I’d done them in my head.

– I kept my plan to hand. I pinned it to my wall so I could see it every day. I used it to keep me focussed.

– Every day, I took a few minutes to read through my plan, check my progress and familiarise myself with my next small step.

I always find that the habit of writing down goals and plans really does work. Writing down my plans helps me clarify just how important my goals are to me. Some of my goals look ridiculous once they’re on paper and get left by the wayside. In others I have found an increased enthusiasm which has spurred me onwards and upwards towards my goal.

Spending a small amount of time putting your plans into writing – or even with doodles – on to something as simple as a sheet of paper is a very therapeutic process which will help you identify your development needs, think through your personal commitment, and help you stay focussed on the end result while freeing up your mind to deal with the steps you need to take along the way.

Change your entire life in 48 minutes? Maybe not, but making yourself a plan for personal success? Easy and reassuringly achievable.


Pip Thomas is an entrepreneur having set up and sold several award-winning businesses in both the technology and the L&D sectors. This follows an extensive career in the corporate world with roles in Sales, Senior Management and HR in the retail and tech sectors. What unites all of Pip’s business interests is her focus on engendering excellence in others, working with individuals and businesses to empower them with the skills, attitudes and self-awareness required to define and achieve their goals. Pip uses her unique ability to ‘get it’ combined with her extensive people development portfolio including being an accredited NLP Trainer at Edge NLP to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

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