As you’ll know by now, I left a full time psychology career in August to focus on The Road Gallery.  Since then, I’ve been exploring ways to reconnect with my psychology roots while living my passion for art and design. Yesterday I received a heart-warming note from a friend and ex-colleague, Carmel. At the time I was leaving YSC, Carmel was returning. YSC is a global business psychology firm that does some of the best work in it’s field with leaders, executives teams and organizations to release the power of people.

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Below is Carmel’s letter which explains how the 14 members of the Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) team used the 48 Minutes exercise during their team day in Sydney, together with some pictures of the team getting creative.

Our 672 Minutes by the YSC Australia/New Zealand Team 

Dear Neil,

As you have left the world of large, complex behemoths, so I have returned to them. As you are trying to find ways to hold onto your passion for, and interest in, psychology so I am trying to hold onto the space and creativity that I’ve enjoyed over the past two years.

We had a team day yesterday, which was focused on connecting – with the ANZ business, the global business, the thought leadership agenda, our new CEO and last but not least, each other. As part of the agenda, we also took 48 minutes to reconnect with ourselves and experiment with your idea. We saw it as a way of staying connected to, and supporting, an ex-colleague whom we miss.

Two people went and meditated, one wrote a piece of prose and another wrote a poem. Many went outside for a walk or to get some sun or to simply enjoy our magnificent surroundings. Pictures were drawn and photos were taken.

Our experiences ranged from feeling the pressure of needing to accomplish something in 48 minutes, (and ultimately letting go of that) to evoking a sense of appreciation and gratitude. It encouraged a mom to draw more often with her kids, it revealed some hidden talents, it made us laugh and it reminded us what easy access we have to a beautiful walk outside our offices, and how seldom we take the opportunity to do so. It helped us switch off, find space, slow down, be in the moment and see new perspectives.

Ultimately, it energized the team at just the right moment.

So, good luck with the idea. We hope it continues to create a sense of connection for you and for others. And it’s a great team activity.

Carmel and the ANZ team




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