Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas is a mixed-media artist, currently living and working in Tampa, FL. Thomas studied Studio Art at Davidson College, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. Her work has been exhibited in North Carolina and Texas and is part of numerous private collections across the nation. She pursues art as both a development of aesthetics, as well as a venue for community dialogue and impact. In 2014, Thomas participated in a creative art project with school children from Charlotte, NC in support of communities in Western Rwanda.

Each of Thomas’s paintings comes with an evolving story as she believes that the layering of materials on a canvas is just the beginning. “Purpose,” as Thomas puts it, “is inherently tied to the value and vulnerability of sharing oneself, one’s experiences, one’s intricacies, and one’s discoveries, with others. When I show up to a raw canvas, I bring my raw self; my process of mark-making and building color is a mental and spiritual confrontation of questions, concerns, and desires, whether they be deeply personal, or widely shared. My hope is that these images would be a place for others to pause, to consider something in and beyond themselves.” She is inspired by the anticipation, not only for what she will learn in the process of creating, but what that one viewer, the one who spends the extra minute to pause, will think, say, do or feel upon realizing that the image created has captivated him or her, too.