S.W. Dinge

Artist S.W. Dinge lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island. Born in the Adirondack Region of New York, he earned his B.A. at Oneonta State University in New York.  After graduating, he moved to Boulder, Colorado where began his career as an artist in earnest, immersing himself in his studio to experiment and create artwork.  Three years later he moved to Providence.  His work has been shown in galleries in New York, Colorado and Rhode Island.

Dinge has always been drawn to aged materials such as rusted metal, discolored newspaper and weathered wood. These and other aged objects combined with acrylic paint are the foundation of his work.  He doesn’t sketch out ideas ahead of time; instead he works in a stream of consciousness, tackling compositional and color challenges as they present themselves.  Each work emerges as it sees fit while he tries to accommodate what each piece needs until it registers in his mind as finished. He is influenced, like many, by nearly everything around him.  Anything from Pink Panther cartoons to graveyards, from ancient cave drawings to long stretches of railroad tracks spur his creative ambition to continue moving forward. As the years pass he finds myself moving further from working figuratively to being increasingly drawn to the immediate gratification of simple, more abstract works.