Julius Kalamarz

Julius Kalamarz received his MFA (fiction) from Columbia University. His writing and artwork have appeared online and in print in the US, England, and Canada, including DIAGRAM, Ninth Letter, Opium Magazine, The Los Angeles Review, Black & BLUE, DEAR SIR, and elsewhere. His work has been exhibited at the Cocoon Room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Illuminations at the Crypt Gallery in London and in the Zimzalla show at the Hardy Tree Gallery in London.

His work explores ways in which to place the viewer at odds with their usual codes of perception. In this way, we can reveal (and revel in) the subtle absurdities and approximations inherent within language (both visual and textual). Prevalent themes, such as love, revolution, correspondence, and politics, are de-contextualized and destabilized to allow new interpretations and perspectives to spring forth from within the fractures and fissures of the original image.