Julie Karpodines

Julie Karpodines is an artist living and working in New York City. She was born on the Island of Paros, Greece and moved with her family to Canada and the United States, before heading to the UK to complete her foundation diploma at the Chelsea College of Art and her BA at Bath Spa University College.  She graduated with her MFA from the New York Studio School.

In her work, Karpodines is investigating the notion of space and form. These are the foundation of her painting practice.   She creates spacial relationships between forms in invented landscapes, with invented narratives, playing with notions of near and far.  She works in the fine line between trying to create this sense of volume and depth, while also collapsing the space, returning to flatness.  She shifts between positive and negative space, leaving forms that are at times as much a part of their background as they are solid. Her imagery may appear generalized, but comes from direct experience, often related to  the patterns of migration that have occurred throughout her life.  This becomes weaved into a mythology she creates that encompasses her emotional and tactile memories. As much as the imagery is important to Karpodines, what drives the work is mainly a formal concern,  the plastic conscious, the creation of form in space, on a two-dimensional surface.