Guest Artist: Luz Fernandez

Luz Fernandez is a New York City native living and working in Brooklyn. She graduated from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. Fernandez is a multimedia installation artist with a recent focus in painting. In 2013, she spent seven months living in Berlin, working alongside multi-media artist Satch Hoyt as his assistant and studio manager. She is now involved with DIY Brooklyn venues such as Silent Barn in Bushwick and 988 Manhattan, a Greenpoint art center she helped launch and manage, where she exhibited a solo show in 2016.

Using oversized tools and working with the materiality of paint to create heavy textures, Fernandez draws attention to the performative act of mark-making. The process is a careful type of action-painting intended to address the inexorable passage of time with the quality and strength of each mark. She approaches art­making as an occult practice of balancing color, texture, and composition to conjure sensations and summon memories. Contemporary language, represented by the semiotics of social networking and digital dialects, plays an essential role. The titles of the pieces act as cultural signifiers, incorporating the acronyms, misspellings, and shorthands that have appeared on the internet and have reconfigured language in a short period of time.