Case Jernigan grew up by the ocean in South Carolina. He mapped pathways through the rocks, jetties, and marshes populated by alligators, pelicans and turtles. Living there he felt like an explorer, and those memories of adventure drive his studio practice. He studied at the College of William & Mary and The New York Studio School. He now lives and works in Brooklyn. Jernigan’s work has been show in solo and group exhibitions in New York, South Carolina, Virginia and Connecticut.

He begins with a singular image, a letter, animal, or architectural reference. He’s inspired by old maps, storybooks, and ancient art from Egypt and Greece. Images expand and are held together by maplike notations, threads and clues, such as arrows and stippling dots. Details and directional devices in the work reference those found on a map, board game or illuminated manuscript. Swathes of ink obscure and highlight the graphite and pen imagery as he stress transparency, intensity of color, and personal markmaking.



Year:2013 Height:12" Width:8" Medium:Ink, graphite on paper



Year:2013 Height:14" Width:10.5" Medium:Ink on paper



Year: 2013 Height: 12" Width: 8" Medium: Ink, graphite on paper

Elephants and Cheetahs


Year:2013 Height:7" Width:5" Medium:Ink on Paper



Year:2013 Height:10.5" Width:14" Medium:Ink on paper