The mission of The Road Gallery is simple: to showcase the work of talented emerging and established artists and to make their work accessible to people who love art and who want a positive experience buying art.  The gallery is home to a select, curated group of contemporary artists living and working in and around New York City and across the United States. We also invite national and international guest artists to join the gallery on a rotational basis. To achieve our mission we are breaking convention and reimagining the art gallery. Artwork is available to purchase through our online gallery but can also be seen in person through studio tours, special events, and private showings. Pieces start around $100 and go up to $7,000 with a full range in between.

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While bricks and mortar galleries have been and will continue to be a mainstay of the art world, the online art market has grown significantly in recent years and is predicted to keep growing. According to a 2014 report by Robert Read, Head of Fine Art at Hiscox, the global online art market was worth $1.57 billion in 2013. Research shows that collectors and buyers are more and more comfortable buying art online. In fact, we are now seeing a generation of art collectors who are only buying art online, rather than from a physical gallery or auction. Galleries such as ours aim to make the experience of buying quality, contemporary art more accessible and less intimidating.

Another growing trend that is impacting the service industry and retail is a desire amongst people for the customized, the local and the unique. That's why every painting in our gallery is 100% original and unique. When we represent the work of photographers, we produce very limited editions, typically not more than five in a series.

As a kid growing up in the north of England, Road Gallery curator Neil Jacobs was never too far away from a pencil, a stick of charcoal or a paintbrush. He blazed through sketch pads and when he ran out of paper, he turned to the back of his bedroom door and the inside of his closets to paint. All these years later, his parents still live in that same house, but the closets are long gone and the door has been replaced.

His passion and interest in art and design have never waned. In 2007, he moved to New York City and, surrounded by a thriving art scene, he began thinking about how to bring his passion to life. He landed on the idea of The Road Gallery with a specific focus on representing emerging and established but lesser known artists. He is excited to partner with the amazingly talented individuals in The Road Gallery and to share their work with you.

To maintain the highest quality, he personally reviews all submissions to the gallery. and decides on which artists and artwork to represent. That curatorial process is an essential part of running the gallery. With an inclination towards contemporary art and the medium of painting, he has put together a group of talented artists who are not only technically gifted but who also have a clear point of view, which they express through their canvases.  In addition to the permanent artists, he invites guest artists to join the gallery on a rotating basis. This helps keep the gallery dynamic and fresh. While the artists typically share a modern aesthetic, he looks for artists whose work is distinctive so that each artist in the gallery has her or his own space.

In order to provide you with the best experience with your purchase, we have incorporated the following features into the gallery:
  • Biographies and artist statements for every artist so you can get to know more about them and their work.
  • High resolution images of each artwork, complete with dimensions and medium.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity provided at the time of purchase.
  • Advice on finding the right piece and adding to your collection.
  • Curation of options based on your requirements.
  • Rapid-response customer service to answer your inquiries about particular pieces or artists.
  • Studio visits and private showing so you can see the work in person, depending on your location.

Here are some of our collectors' and buyers' experiences with the gallery:

"I like a lot of things about The Road Gallery. First thing, Neil Jacobs, the curator. He is truly passionate about art and you can tell he cares about each piece he represents. Then, there is the art itself. I recently attended the Road Gallery Summer show and enjoyed seeing the diversity in the art. I also like that Neil represents emerging artists. Finding something in his collection is like finding a secret treasure! Then there is the purchasing experience, Neil was so generous—he spent time hanging works on different surfaces and in different lighting so that I could make my final decisions. I am now the proud owner of Mike Piergrossi’s 'Always on the Edge of Happiness' and Xanthippe Tsalimi’s 'Abandoned'."  

"I had an excellent experience with my purchase from The Road Gallery. The Curator is a pleasure to work with, and assisted in all aspects of the purchase. The collection of artwork is first rate, and I would recommend The Road Gallery to any of my friends and business colleagues. I look forward to purchasing another piece in the near future."  

"When we were planning our wedding, my fiancé and I joked that the last thing we needed in our teeny Manhattan apartment was more towels and a set of fine china! So we searched around for something different… and found Neil at The Road Gallery. Neil was wonderful in hosting us for an evening to search for the perfect piece for our wedding registry. We specified a price range upfront and he showed us a variety of works within that bracket. His description of each artist and artwork made the experience feel personal and special. Neil’s warm, engaging style quickly put us at ease as we browsed the different works. He encouraged us to talk openly about the artwork and gave us space to think about each piece, helping us to identify which ones we liked best. Once we had chosen the piece we loved (a small oil on canvas by a local New York artist, Xanthippe Tsalimi) he created our gift registry page which included a thank you note, a photo of us, and a photo of the painting. We had the link up and on our wedding website within 24 hours and we couldn't be happier! I highly recommend The Road Gallery to register for a gift that’s personal, meaningful and a bit more exciting than a set of bath towels!"

"I had an amazing experience with The Road Gallery. I'm a new art collector and frequent galleries in NYC, Provincetown, Miami, Los Angeles, etc. I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of artwork that Neil Jacobs has curated for his "Road Gallery." I peppered Neil with an endless assortment of questions. To his credit, he could not have been more patient or professional. Once I expressed my taste in artwork, the dimensions I was looking for, etc., Neil was off to the races, and got back to me 15 minutes later, with exquisite suggestions. I'm already thinking about my next purchase. I would recommend The Road Gallery without hesitation. What sets The Road Gallery apart is the extraordinary customer service, not to mention the diversity and caliber of the art."  

"Doing business with Neil Jacobs, the founder/owner of The Road Gallery, was a satisfying experience from start to finish - and my husband and I are now the delighted owners of a beautiful painting that I know we'll enjoy for many years to come. Neil was great about quickly accommodating my request to schedule a studio visit with the artist, Ryan Pressman. He accompanied me there, answered all of my follow-up questions promptly and demonstrated his passion for and knowledge about art throughout the process. I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone who is looking to buy a special piece of art, expand their collection or just get introduced to some talented emerging artists. He has a great eye!" 

"I found that The Road Gallery presented some wonderful art in a unique and innovative new fashion at the Summer Show. I was struck by the diversity of artwork available at the show and in the on-line gallery ranging from the avant-garde to landscapes and portraits, with a magnificent blend in between. I would describe my actual experience at the show as a fun and stimulating evening. The mix of the artists, art enthusiasts and guests made for an evening that enriched everyone's lives. The curator and host created a warm and welcoming vibe from the moment I walked in the door, until the moment that I walked out with the perfect piece."