Welcome to The Road Gallery blog, 48 Minutes. A place for busy people with demanding jobs and full lives to take time out to create, reflect on their journey and reconnect with their dreams.

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Wild Things

An exploration of expression and order by artist Taylor Thomas

Preference For A Son

The deeply personal stories behind the Arternative Facts Show

Art and the Election

A Call To Action and A New Direction for The Road Gallery

Trapping Ghosts

New work from artist Joseph O'Neal

Queering The Male Gaze

Artist Matthew Conway on his journey, his work and the future

Art for Everyone

Read the story behind our newest section of the gallery, The 500 Project

The Day I Ride A Giraffe

The evolution of Portland-based artist Melissa Monroe

A Toolbox In My Mind

Read this fascinating, exclusive interview with modernist artist Jesse M Bell

When Art Moves Me

The fascinating results from our recent survey on art buying behavior

The Gift of Choice

A Thought for Thanksgiving

Happy Accidents

Julius Kalamarz talks about the beauty of randomness and much more

Jerks Need Not Apply

What it takes to be a successful artist in today’s world

From Experience Comes Wisdom

Valuable life lessons from curating a gallery

Every cloud has a layered lining

Read this revealing interview with artist Kelly Neidig


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watercolor abstract painting

Turn, turn, turn

Liz Barber reflects on the changing seasons

Shepherd Strings

Diversity and A Nightlight For The Lost

contemporary landscape painting

Beyond contemporary landscape paintings

A curator's perspective on the upcoming show, Dreamscapes, by artist Xanthippe Tsalimi

My Crying Pieces

Why all the tears Chantal Van Houten?

Truth and Dare

A conversation starter with artist Taylor Thomas

photograph human face

Even An Igloo Can Be Strong

Read how Portland artist Melissa Monroe found her happy place

contemporary painting

The Chase

A new series of work by Taylor Thomas

Behind The Rhinestone Mask

Is fact indeed stranger than fiction? You decide

Behind The Portraits: Part Two


Behind The Portraits: Part One

Read the amazing narratives behind the Portraits of Resilience series

I Have A Question

The Power of Asking by N'Neka Wilson

Everyone Deserves HealthRights

Portraits of Resilience by Daniel Jack Lyons

For The Love of Tulips

A devoted mother passes her gifts to her darling son

Onassis To The Rescue

Artist Joseph O'Neal shares his journey of recovery

Know Thyself

If you are going for a job, you'd better know who you are


Where have all the painters gone?

The Psychology of Commissions

What goes on in the mind of the artist and buyer?

Love is….

Choosing a painting together

On The Right Path

Bringing Your Goals To Life by NLP Coach Pip Thomas

Reality bytes

An existential exploration of digital art

Eyes Wide Open

Read how Chris finds his serenity by riding through life

When Size Matters

Join the Tiny Revolution

Happy holidays

Eight titles to celebrate the season

Good Art

How can art make a difference to the lives of others?

Learning To Step Away

Invaluable advice on following your dreams and taking breaks

“If God Could Paint…”

Inspiring, honest, vulnerable, uplifting. The Taylor Thomas Interview

Poetry In Motion

See how this busy professional, author and mum found time to rhyme

672 Minutes

A letter from a friend and a creative team build

A Night On The Town

See what New Yorker Chris did with his 48 minutes. You might be surprised!

Happier, Healthier, Smarter

The benefits of creative endeavor

Welcome to the blog: 48 Minutes

Welcome to The Road Gallery Blog: 48 Minutes. A place for busy people with demanding jobs and full lives to take time out.